Researching Horticultural Therapy Courses

This blog post simply contains the online research that I have been doing recently surrounding horticultural therapy. Have a look through the links and watch some of the videos as collectively they fully explain what horticultural therapy is and what exactly it does.


This link will take you to The Therapy Garden.


This link will take you to Helmsley Walled Garden website.


Below is a youtube video, which runs through the great properties of healing gardens and communities.


This link shows the Professional Development Diploma in Social and Therapeutic Horticulture, which is run in partnership with Coventry University, Thrive and Pershore College.


This link is to the Grow Careers website.


Below is a youtube video of Musgrave Park’s therapy garden –


On December the 3rd, 1984 more than 27 tons of poisonous gas leaked for a storage tank at a Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal in India, causing many physical and metal health issues for the surround communities. This youtube video tells the story of how horticultural therapy can work at it’s very best. Please take the time to watch this video as it is very thought provoking.


Here is a  link Wikipedia link to the Bhopal Disaster explaining exactly how it happened.



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