Planning Of The Space

Here is my first (very rough) planning of the gallery space. With this first drawn up plan I was allocating spaces to my fellow students to see how the spacing would work out (roughly).  It was at this point that I was worried about where to place the false walls, to increase space within the gallery, whilst still enabling the viewing space to flow freely rather than being blocked off.

1st gallery plan

This second gallery sketch was aided by the curator of the Lancaster Gallery – Sadie. Although this is a very simple sketch of the space it clearly shows the placing of people within the gallery. I also feel that through using the false walls and having them situated within the floor space (end on towards the windows), enables the greatest amount of natural light to enter the space, furthering the free flowing aspect of the gallery that all of us wanted to achieve. The boxed off corner on the left hand side also serves a purpose to conceal the graphic works from viewers, so if they wish to not witness the work they can move on to the other work within the exhibition. It’s other purpose is to block out some of the light from the windows so that the projection would be clearer.

second gallery plan

Here is the final exhibition map which can be viewed on the digital, internet based degree show catalogue.

This is the website –

Exhabition Map - FINAL


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