Utilising The Gallery Space

Having looked around the gallery space both me and Mariya, decided to look into ways to utilise the space that we have secured for the degree show/exhibition.

Firstly we both decided that we need to somehow make use of the great expanse of window space. To make the space useable I looked into ways of hanging imagery in front of  the widow panels. It was at this point that I did some extensive internet research and came across this website that has many diversely different ways of hanging imagery.


Having looked through the website (above) both me and Mariya (having also spoken to our tutor Paul Smith), decided that the vertical or horizontal wire method of hanging work would be the best alternative to wall space, if there ends up being a lack of space for everyone within the class.

Here is what the work would look similar too –

image 1

image 3


The other alternatives that we both thought up, were utilising the eight false walls within the galleys floor space. There are three different ways that we decided that we could have the false walls.

  1.  Place two walls (that are 4 foot wide and 8 foot tall) together, creating a right angle, in all four corners of the gallery space, this would intern yield wall space on both the inside and outside of the false walls.
  2. Putting three walls corners/sides together, around one of the centre pillars to create a walled triangle space, thus intern concealing the ugly pillars. However this does not yield the greatest amount of wall space.
  3. pacing two walls parallel to each other (end on) with a 2 cm gap in-between the two pillars closest to the windows, and then another two false walls closer to the entrance door, parallel again. This would create a staggered effect when looking into the gallery space. Further more there would be another set of paralleled false walls a metre and a half away from the entrance door these would be front facing and would create a boxed off corner for the projection.

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