The Equipment List

Have produced an equipment list for all of the students a while ago, I found that the list regularly evolved at the same pace as the projects did. Thus I had to keep altering this equipment list.However this was the final one.
Here is a broken down version of what each student was expecting for the exhibition:-
  • Daisy Ware Jarrett – 2 ipads ( this is for the catalogue, which Daisy is in control of)
  • Kye Tidman – none
  • Helen Kutchta – none
  • Jenni Hearn – extra lighting possibly, (as of yet she is still not sure what sort of lighting)
  •  Oliver sharpe – One apple  mac screen, plinths & headphones.
  • Alex Wierzbicki – One apple mac screen & headphones.
  • Mariya Mileva – none.
  • Jack Somerset –  plinth
  • Genea Bailey – none
  • Josie Sutton – none
  • Ria Jones – plinth.
  • Alex Nisbet – Projector, headphones, plinth & DVD player.
  • Hazel Steel – none
  • Sean Carrol – One apple mac screen, and head phones & plinth.
  • Amber Nicholls – none
So an over view of the equipment that we would like to book out is:-

1x projectors

1x DVD player

3x iMacs (supplied from Media department)

2x iPads (also from Media department)

8x headphones

8x plinths


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