‘Reify’ Project – Explicit Version – 18+ ONLY


This project delves into the wonderful world of the abstract nude.

I have created it through scraping graphic frames via the internet and then used them to construct a large and by definition “formulaic” montage. These dense montages of frames are from a distance an attractive pattern but as Marcus Harveys work explores, on closer inspection there challenging nature confronts the viewer, setting up a tension between the accompanying set of images. These artifacts use a different vernacular. It is the beautified language of the large format full-frame toned fine print that captivates viewers, drawing them in, using beauty as a tool, seducing them, and leading them deeper into this conceptual paradox.


Upon looking back over the forked paths that I have ventured through, it is evident that the act of creating the artifacts through layering meaning upon them has enabled me to understand the importance and the power of the ‘artifact’ in it’s ‘self. Revisiting the beginning stages of this project facilitated the understanding of the evident research loop that flowed throughout the project, a research loop that culminates with artifacts that hold a powerful presence not only within the project but the viewers that are witnessing them.


To conclude the juxtaposition between the montage of frames and the accompanying artifacts has allowed me to manufacture a conceptual, metaphorical space for the viewers to explore and it is within this exploration that the viewers interact with the work.


They have further, ‘reified’ rather than resolved the ever-conceptual contradictions within this work.




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Filed under 352MC -Professional Photographic Practice, 3rd Year

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