Titling The Project – ‘Reify’

Deciding on a title for this project was very difficult as I did not want to revert back to referring to the work as pornographic or erotic.

The only title that was very average, that I could think of was – compare and contrast. The rest of the titles that I came up with are not even worth writing up in this blog post. It was not until I spoke to tutor about this issue that he advised me to research into Albert Camus, who was an author, journalist, and philosopher. Albert Camus once stated,”the role of the artist is to reify ideas’. It was this quote that lead me onto find out what, ‘reify’ meant.

REIFY – To make something abstract more concrete or real. After most of the afternoon thinking about this word I feel that it would be great as my projects title. Due to the simple fact that I have done exactly this with my project, I have ‘reified’ rather than resolved the ever-conceptual contradictions within the project.

It was from the following website (that my tutor showed me), that I read through and really found mind opening. – http://albertcamusandart.wikispaces.com/

This quote really grabbed my attention, and although I am still digesting it’s meaning I can’t help but wonder how this quote came about. – “Even though art is a work of intelligence, its rational achievement consists in nothing other than the acknowledgment of its own nullification in fathoming reality (Sefler 416).”

“If one were a truly great artist, according to Camus, he or she would not be pretentious enough to claim or believe that his or her art exemplifies life. Instead that artist would understand that the work may capture an aspect or two of life, but it is not an exemplar of life itself”. This quote taken from the website (above) really does hit home how I used to be about this project, lost within my own assumptions of societiies opinions towards graphic media and erotica.

Although I find myself having gone off on a bit of a tangent this article is a great read and full of some thought provoking concepts. – http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/07/14/sartre-and-camus-in-new-york/


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