Shoot 7 – The Abstract Nude

After doing some in-depth research into the three specific photographers (Kertesz, Bill Brandt, Man Ray), I decided to go ahead and complete my last shoot for this project. Whilst shooting I focused on the general form of the human body, with great attention to any detail within the frame. Half way through the shoot it was clear that the three photographers I have based my main research around  (stated above) have heavily influenced the imagery that I was capturing within the shoot, finally I felt like I was producing imagery that was worthy (after some reworking using photoshop) to use within my final piece.

Below is a collection of some of the best photos from the shoot.

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Below is a collection of eight frames that in my opinion are visually dynamic due to their composition. The lighting of the images works very well within the frames as unlike some of my previous shoots the lighting adds to the unrecognisable traits of these frames where my aim was to create a strong abstract presence.

I am very pleased that I did not simply use some of the other images that I have produced through out this project as these photo’s have aided me to progress the project forward from the pornographic media V’s erotic media proposal and on to a point where I will be enabling the viewers to explore the space between the two on their own terms, through the act of perspective (viewing the work close up thus seeing the true nature of the wallpaper, or viewing it from afar and witnessing the beauty of the female form through well composed frames, placed on a colourful backdrop).



















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