Re-thinking The Interactive Layout

So initially I wanted to have six frames on the wall, that looked like three as the frames would be doubled up. Further more the frames were going to slide to the left using draw extenders. Finally the three bottom frames would be mounted onto a wall that would have been wallpapered.

Now that I am coming to the end of this project i feel that by having these sliding frames etc, the viewers attention would be drawn away from the impact of over all piece and this I really do not want to happen. I also feel that by having three of the artefacts hidden by the other three sliding on top of them, the viewers will not be able to see all of the artefacts in their own space, not to mention that by having the contraptions secured to the frames of the three bottom images, will miss shape the frames and make them look odd compared to the top ones.

Although I think that it would have been very interesting to have created these sliding frames and a final piece that was interactive, I just don’t see it working with this project. Personally I think that the simpler approach to have the set of six artefacts mounted onto this wallpapered back drop and framed with box frames, will have a far more hard hitting impact on the viewers. Their reactions and conversations about the work will be interesting to see and hear about.


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Filed under 352MC -Professional Photographic Practice, 3rd Year

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