Framing 5×4 – Final Edited Images

Upon showing my tutor the completed edited images, we began talking about re-adding the 5×4 frame. The idea behind this being that it would add another layer of meaning to the prints thus in-tern increasing the level of which the imagery becomes an artefact.  Further more the photo ‘geeks’ would view the works with a higher level of appreciation due to the amount of careful consideration surrounding the composition and over all finish of the frames.

Below is the 5×4 frame that I re-worked into the images.

4x5_rebate RESIZED - BLOG

I am very pleased with final outcome of my edited prints. I feel that changing the artefacts into large format, toned fine prints has really enhanced the visual dynamics of the frames. Also through the inspiration of Man Ray, Bill Brandt and particularly Andre Kertesz I have delved into the wonderful world of the abstract nude. Having done this I feel that I have further, ‘reified’ rather than resolved the ever conceptual contradictions within this project.

Here are the seven final images all edited. Although it is not overly evident that they are all encapsulated within a 5×4 negative frame on this blog post, in real life it is visible due to the groves from the negatives frame at the top right of the artefacts corners.









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