Wallpaper Research

After my tutorial with John Levy I decided to crack on with finding a company of printing place that would be happy and willing to print quite graphic imagery. Initially I decided to look into having wallpaper produced for me by a collection of different companies. Here are a list of the companies and links to their websites, that I used for research.

Mr Perswall – http://www.mrperswall.co.uk/

Tangle Tree Interiors – http://www.tangletree-interiors.co.uk

Adverset Display – http://www.adversetdisplay.co.uk/

Wallpapered – http://www.wallpapered.com/

JW Walls – http://www.jwwalls.com/

Out of the five different companies that I spoke to ‘above’ only Mr Perswall and JW Walls were interested in helping me. However, this swiftly changed after I sent a sample of the type of imagery that I need them to produce for me. Even though I understand that the subject matter of the wallpaper that I was asking them to produce for me was incredibly graphic and that they did not want to have their companies names tarnished through creating this wallpaper for me it still left me with the problem of sourcing somewhere to get this wallpaper printed.

It was only after speaking to a gentleman who works for Snappy snaps in town that I found out about AMC Photographic who are a printing company in Coventry. After speaking to them at length about my project and the type of imagery that I needed them to produce for me that I finally had somewhere that I could get the wallpaper issue sorted.

Here is AMC Photographics website – http://www.amc-photographics.com/


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