Shoot 6 – The Nude

Having research photographers Man Ray and Bill Brandt, I decided to focus on capturing the forms of the female body within this shoot. With this shoot I wanted to push the imagery further, I wanted to capture images that were slightly more grotesque and shocking for the viewer. This I inevitably found very hard. I  found that I don’t have that aspect within my personality to fully want to produce that kind of work, hence the worst images in this shoot are of the subject harshly groping her breast.

At the time I was in full swing shooting the images I had a good feel that they were going to be strong frames, that I could use for my final piece. However now after looking back through them it is clear that I haven’t fully captured  the beauty of the female for which was my aim. Although there are a few images that are visually intriguing and pleasing on the eye I feel that they could be pushed further, there is definitely an essence of something missing within the composed frames that will give them that impressive finish.

Below is a slideshow composed of the best images from this shoot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are six images from the shoot that I feel are the most captivating. For me the lighting works well within these frames, the use of patterned tights adds another dimension to the imagery, which in my opinion highlights odd angle from  which I shot the photos. Over all I do feel that these images are on the edge of being worthy of being part of my final piece, however they are missing an essence of beauty that I need to capitalise on to further the contrast between the pornographic wall paper back drop.








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