John Levy Tutorial – The Notes

  • Firstly you MUST establish that > it is a social experiment!
  • What is the question or the social issue that you want to the viewers to explore through viewing you’re work >
  1. To realise the contrasts and comparisons between pornographic media and that of carefully composed erotic media, and to then question their own view points due to the piece they have just spent time to look at. 
  • Could have taken this social experiment further by placing an add in the local newspaper and seeing who would come forward as willing subjects – this would intern show how willing and open minded people within today society are towards the are of this type of media. This also addresses the trust aspect that is centred around the media.
  • The exhibition it’s self is part of the process – part of the whole project – it will allow you to gain insight into how people view the media, thus it adds to the social experience of the project.
  • The ‘act’ of showing the images (both the porn screen shots and the composed erotic images), is what composes the questions that will arise from the viewing public – this in tern feeds back into a on going loop of research.
  • There is two different directions that are evident within the project > the comfortable and the uncomfortable. 
  • The idea of having one frame on top of the other, and the top one being able to slide to the left brings into question the act of censorship.
  • These sliding frames also furthers the feeling of making something secret and forbidden.
  • By adding a layer of sheer material in front of the second frame (that is stationary) adds a double layer of censorship and safety for the viewer yet, further highlights the inquisitiveness of the human nature, as people will have to lift it and have a sneak peak at the ‘hidden’ image. < The peaking process.
  • A tiled patch work (collage) as a wallpapered back drop entirely composed of porn screen shots taken from FREE videos on the web will further draw questions from the viewers of the work. Also by down sizing the screen shots to a tiny size, builds another platform for the censorship question to be drawn upon, as the viewers will have to get incredibly close to the wallpaper to see what it is actually composed of. < In it’s self this makes the whole piece interactive for the viewer. 

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