Brief Reflection Of The Project So Far …….

Having produced six photo shoots now I still feel like I haven’t shot any images that are truly worthy to use for my final piece. It was only after speaking to my tutor Jonathan Worth that I gained more of a direction with this project. After looking through all of the images that I have shot and talking about what my project is actually centred around it is clear that I became very entangled between the whole pornographic V’s erotic concept.

Worth helped me to see that I needed to view this project as an exploration of the concepts/space between the two medias. 

Further more he talked about researching photographer Andre Kertesz, with specific interest in his distortion series of works. Worth also went on to explain to me that the images I am shooting are not as powerful as they need to be for my degree exhibition. He finalised the tutorial guiding me towards completing another shoot, after looking at Kertesz works, and to focus on capturing abstract nudes. The more abstract the imagery is the stronger the over all piece will be as the viewer will not be able to fully recognise what the frame is composed of, not to mention the fact that these carefully composed abstract works will be placed upon a collage backdrop of harsh pornographic material.

Mr Worth also mentioned that the well composed abstract frames would be more impressive as black and white due tone prints as this adds another essence of quality to them.


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