Shoot 5 – Intimate Chemistry

Having decided that I needed to shoot a couple for this project, I went head and did just that. Over all i am please with the set of images below that I produced form this shoot, many of the images hold an underlying sexually appeal, whilst simultaneously encapsulating the chemistry between the two lovers. I am however of the view point that the images don’t contain a particularly powerful message, they don’t make the viewer look at them and say wow thats some stunning work, instead they are just ok, and this is what I do not want my photographs to be viewed as. I want to produce ‘wow’ frames for the main part of the piece and then shocking incredibly graphic imagery that will be the wallpaper behind the wow frames.

Here are the main bulk of good imsges that I captured within this shoot.

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With the frames below I did contemplate editing them into black and white format and then altering the tones within the images. However I don’t want to waste time on images that I simply do not think are strong enough to achieve the desired effect that I am trying to create with this project, they don’t have a strong enough presence in terms of compositionally and over all visually. I also feel that the masks, clothes and general props detract the viewers attention away from the whole aspect of my project which is to place the viewer into a space that is beautiful, visually intriguing and well composed but for them to then realise what the back drop (wallpaper) is made up of (porn), and this will hopefully lead the viewers on to questioning the reasoning behind my decision to do present my frames in this way.

Here are the what I believe to be the best three images from this shoot. The centre frame is in my opinion is the most visually pleasing image of the shoot.








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