Photo Shoot 4 – The Nude Turning Point

At the start of this shoot I decided that I wanted to begin, by producing a few images similar to my previous second shoot. I decided to do this because I feel that shoot two could have lead my imagery down a different avenue, an avenue that I believe will enable me to produce some representable works to contrast that of the pornographic nature. As this shoot progressed, both the subject and myself gradually relaxed into the process of shooting these semi clothed frames. Whilst having a quick tea break and looking over the photos that we had just created it was very clear to see that by the subject wearing her underwear within the imagery, a question of censorship seemed to be the centre point, due to my eye being drawn to her underwear. Further more the images could have easily been mistaken for an underwear  add not to mention also boudoir photography. This is not the desired effect that I want my work to portray to it’s viewers!

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Having reached a concluding decision about the photo’s that I had just captured I went into the second half of the shoot with a clearer pre visualisation of the type of frames that I wanted to achieve within this shoot. I channeled my energy into creating some work that focused on the aspects of the human body that hold an alluring sexual appeal.

I would definitely conclude that this shoot was a pi-vital point within this  project, enabling me to at least begin to drift away from the base concept which centres it’s self around defining both erotic photography in direct contrast to pornography.

Here are what I believe to be the best images from this shoot.

These images are my favourite from this shoot.







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