Freeze Framing The Intimate Moment > Shooting A Couple

I still feel like I need to shoot a couple for this project!

I can not explain why, I just know that I must explore this avenue within this project otherwise I will for ever be questioning what if…….what if I had of photographed a couple and it was the best work that I had produced through out my short photographic life (so far). I must do this!

I know that part of me is hooked on revealing the differences between Pornographic imagery and that of tasteful erotic imagery. This compare and contrast between these incredibly close subject matters that are, let’s face it centred around the homosapien animalistic crave to go forth and reproduce. So why am i so determined to question viewers perspectives surrounding these subject matters?

One of the reasons that I feel so passionate about this incredibly subjective issue is due to the psychology behind societies reaction to these two types of media. It is this that deeply interests me. Why do viewers react to the media with horror, laughter, tears, shock etc the list is endless. However it is the questioning that follows the reaction that is the gold dust to understanding why these two types of media are so closely linked, yet created and consumed in vastly different manners, and by contrasting ends of societies spectrum.

This all links back to my reasoning behind shooting a couple. Personally I feel that by capturing the evident chemistry between two lovers, through the subtle sexually charged moments, such as the gently placed kiss on the forehead, the warm touch of the male subjects hand upon his partners check, etc……. builds up a warm sexually charged narrative within the imagery and this is a strong direct comparison to the harsh exploitation of both sexes that is always evident within pornographic material.



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