Brief Plan For Shoot Four

After the past three shoots I feel like I need to go back one step to shoot two where I focused on capturing images from diversely different vantage points, utilising the light source yet also encompassing the forms and lines of the subject that I was focused on. Personally I feel that shoot three took me down a completely different avenue, one that now I look back on the imagery really does not help me to depict the differences between carefully composed crafted work, contrasted against the harshly framed subject matter of pornography, if anything the imagery from shoot three works against the concept behind my ideas surrounding this over all final major project.

In terms of my next shoot (four), I am going to pick up where I left shoot two at, however I am going to progress the shoot on to capture the subject in the nude as I feel that by having the subject still slightly clothed by underwear detracts the viewers away from the beauty of the human body before them, and it is this message that I really want to hit home to the people who view my work.



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Filed under 352MC -Professional Photographic Practice, 3rd Year

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