Photo Shoot 3 – Ropes & Chains

Looking back at the last two shoots, I felt that the images were lacking some of the challenging natures of BDSM within both the erotic and pornographic world. With this shoot I wanted to challenge myself as the photographer, whilst also layering the imagery with a great deal of sexually suggestive items and moods.

I found this shoot particularly difficult to capture as i felt uncomfortable photographing this type of material even though I knew the subject well as he is my boyfriend. Personally I feel that this type of material is actually quite disturbing to capture. Again I have captured the images form varying vantage points, adding a greater level of interest to the images as they are framed from quite often an odd perspective. Having looked through many of China Hamilton’s and other erotic photographers ways of styling the ropes and chains around a subject I had a very clear cut idea that I wanted the rope to not be tied in a bulk around him, but to be styled in such a way that the rope looked singular and thus gave the added effect of cutting into him, when he moved or flexed slightly. With the chains and pad locks I tried to style them in such a way that they elaborated the menacing and over all disturbing effect that the images had warped into.

Below is the rough collection of images from the shoot.

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Below is a a collecting of images that I believe to be the strongest form this shoot.

Although I have found this shoot challenging I do feel that there are still some good images from this shoot that explore the slightly more challenging aspects of the BDSM/erotic culture, that I have tried to immerse myself into. However I feel that these are not my best works to represent the contrasts and questions about the space between well crafted, carefully composed imagery and that of the graphic purely animalistic nature of pornographic works.

Here are four of the images (below) that I think are the most intriguing from this shoot. Although these images are slightly off (i.e. out of focus, blurred, too dark, and not incredibly pin point composed) I still feel that they have the desired affect, in that because they are not 100% accurate they therefor hold an alluring sexually suggestive aspect, which is exactly the effect that I wanted to achieve. In my opinion they also have an uncomfortable place about them, they are not nice frames to spend time to look at, they put the viewer on edge, leaving them questioning what the narrative of the imagery leads too. < This is the very effect that I regularly find my self feeling suffocated by whilst analysing some of the ‘erotic’ photographers works that I have been introduced to, and it is these photographers that I will be introducing to my blog in due course. [you have been warned].

bor 1


bor 2

rob edit 22



bor 3


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