Interactive contraption Research

So I have been thinking lately about how I am going to be able to get my frames to slide on top of each other. Then the thought occurred to me when I pulled open my bedside draw………….

If I was to have the two framed images on top of each other and I wanted them to slide to the left, then I could just use an extendable drawer slide. When I started to research about what drawer slides were on the market I found many of them to be the simple ones that slide on a small wheel sitting in the grove of its partnering metal rim of the slider, this would then lead to the frames being able to slide straight off of the bottom ridge of the slider and inevitably smash on the floor. Not good.

Here is a screen shot of the simpler wheel based draw sliders.

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 23.24.46

Then I happened to stubble across one that works on a ball bearing system that stops dead once fully extended. Although dearer than the other far more simplistic systems, for peace of mind I feel that these would work much better, that is if I decide to still apply this system when I have my final set of images.

Here is a screen shot of where I found the ball bearing draw extender slide.

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 23.20.48

Here is the link to Homebase’s website where I found the product >


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