The Project So Far

 So far I’ve come to a cross roads where my over all project is made up of several other smaller projects all challenging different concepts within both the erotic scene and the pornographic side of this media. However my main focus currently is to find a way to almost conduct a photographic experiment using a group of select people that I know will give me some interesting view points on this media, due to their own sexual experiences. I will then place myself into their perspective whilst talking about their deepest and darkest fantasies and further questioning them, drawing out every concealed detail that they wished never to tell any one.
I really want this to be a controlled almost pin point accurate experiment where the imagery that I produce will help them to try and overcome the built in erotic fantasies that they fear the most. I will know if the individual fears the particular fantasy that I will be talking to them about through the reaction that they give to me, be it via body language, speech or even stilled silence. Once I know their feared fantasy I will then help them to challenge that particular feared fantasy through the ‘media’ I produce (I use the word ‘media’ because I am not too sure what I will be producing, images, video etc…).
Also when the images are displayed at my universities exhibition I will have two sliding frames so that the first image that the viewer sees is a well composed portrait of one of the subjects that I used within my experiment, and then upon sliding the framed image to the left, a deeper, darker composition of the individual who’s portrait they have just seen reveals it’s self. This second image is a concept of the fantasy that they fear telling people about the most. This is due to peoples reaction and todays social stamp that the person will receive.
It is at this point where my question surrounding, is it pornographic or erotic will arise. To further this debate around the images that the viewer would have just seen I will also have an interactive questionnaire / quiz or possibly a comment section that will be linked to my ipad. Upon completing this short quiz about the over all question surrounding the imagery being erotic or pornographic the viewer would have then made a contribution to my conclusion as to the images being one of the two classifications.

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