Photo Shoot 2 – The Sphinx Woman

After sealing several female subjects, I set about planning my next shoot. With this shoot I wanted to focus on the over all composition and general scene of the frames. I decided to do the shoot in my flats bedroom, with the subject laying on the bed so that I could utilise the street light outside my bedroom window, as i think that the light gives the images an interesting strong yellow tinge.

My main focus with this shoot was to look at how the depth of field worked on this type of imagery, thus some parts of many of the photos are out of focus while other sections of the frames are clearly in focus. Personally I feel that this really works for some of these images within this shoot as this depth of field alteration enables the images to take on a more powerful sexually suggestive ora, for the viewers to digest and then draw their own conclusions upon.

Below is a rough collection of the images that I captured from this shoot, but not all of them.

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Below is a selection of images from the shoot that I feel are the best from this shoot.

Here is what I believe to be the best image from this shoot as it throws many questions at the viewer, mainly due to the fact that you can not see the subjects face clearly, the way that the light falls through out the image adds to the visually intriguing qualities of the over all frame. Finally i feel that the textures situated within the image (such as the crinkled bed sheet, the woman s soft skin, the fur of the coat and the cotton of the underwear), further lend themselves to the over all visually pleasing frame.

The only aspect of this image that I personally feel holds it back is that the subject is wearing underwear, as it is a both a visual barrier for the viewer looking at the image and a choice ofv censor ship from the subjects point of view. – This is an interesting concept about nude photography/erotic photography that I would like to explore further.

jess 8


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