Meeting China Hamilton – The Images Part Two

When I first walked into the room where I chatted with China Hamilton,  I was drawn to the vast amount of visually intriguing instruments of pain that were carefully placed around the room. I think what really stood out to me was how authentic all of the instruments were, they clearly were not you’re average whip, flogger or dildo that could be found in the high street shop such as Ann Summers. These instruments of pain had an element of history about them not to mention a thought provoking narrative that my mind produced out of nowhere.

The authenticity of these loved, ‘well used’ implements drawed my attention back into reality and led me on to actually look deeper at the hand crafted nature of both the whips and canes. One whip that China showed me was a incredibly well crafted bullwhip which is a single-tailed whip made with braided leather. At first i was slightly horrified that this whip would ever be used on a human as I could imagine the pain that the individual would feel, again though I find myself faced with the pain v’s pleasure questions – this is something that people enjoy, but it’s a personal preference.  I was also shown a cane called a Bull’s Pisle which is a cane made from a bulls penis.

Although it was interesting to learn about all of these different instruments I can safely say that they truly terrified me, why someone would want to have these instruments of pain used on them I will never understand, but the psychology behind peoples personal preferences and the pleasure v’s pain concept interests me greatly.

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