Meeting China Hamilton – The Images Part Three

This final slideshow of images are only a small collection of the works that China Hamilton has all around his house. During the time that I spent with him I was shown some great pictures of his along with some of his good friends and fellow erotic photographers works. It was only when I began to talk about wanting to produce some strong erotic analog imagery of my own for my final major project that China jumped out of his chair and began rooting around in one of his book cases for something, he pulled out a large book sized box, in the box was a stunning book that contained his most precious hand printed imagery.

As he started to flick through the book showing me some very inspirational works that he’s produced I was evidently in awe of his darkroom skills. From this point on I am very determined to improve my darkroom skills as they are incredibly weak at the moment. Some of the images in the slideshow below have been edited (in traditional ways), China did tell me how he made each individual print but I didn’t mange to write any of them down. However I do know that he used many different toning techniques to achieve the colour tones on some of the prints and many vastly different chemicals to create the effects that you can see.

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