Tutorial Notes – John Levy on the 20/3/13

This tutorial with John Levy was straight after I send him task three, which was a professional pitch about my current major project that I am working on. It was a great tutorial, full of relevant information and guidance. Here are a notes that I took from it :-

  • Scrap the binary line within my pitch. (written text strikethrough below).

It is the binary constructed by the consumers of pornography and erotica that I am going to challenge throughout this project.Remember that I am the other variable, if I am comfortable exploring theses sexual avenues then I should delve as deeply as I comfortable to.

  • I may find one side of the line easier to understand and more comfortable than the other. This is in terms of pornographic material V’s erotic material.
  • Some how find a way to photograph the boundaries between the two, look at the law that constricts and constructs the boundaries of pornographic media and erotic media. Find the space between the two fields AND MEET THEM WITHIN YOUR IMAGERY!!
  • It is the space between them, the overlapping, grey area between the two filed of sexual photography  which is really interesting and thought provoking !! – VERY TRUE !


  • You must experience both types of media and FULLY IMERSE YOURSELF within them to gain a clear anchor point for your own work.
  • KEY – Erotica has rules, does pornography? Are these rules set by society or the law of the land? Where do the boundaries lie for both types of sexual media? > FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Questions that I must find answers for through meeting people who are already emersed within these mediums. 
  • I must challenge the meanings to find my answers. By not doing this I will have a gap in my knowledge and understanding of the subject matter that I will find myself within.
  • Debate it photographically > instinct of the pictures not the theory.
  • Trying to mash it all together – disarming, shocking, obscuring, the never ending list……………


  • There is an evident increasing aesthetic value, object of a photograph (to hold it in its raw form, on paper) – How offensive can the paper be or the imagery when it is just an image that people perceive to be real ! – This is a very interesting view point one that I MUST take into consideration through out this project.
  • ^ Theses are boundaries where I can overtly challenge the meaning at a greater level.
  • The polaroid on the bed- because of the bed, the pattern of the bed sheet the polaroids are at arms length and become an object within the image, and on another level an image within an image.




  • GO THROUGH THE WHOLE PROCESS > THIS IS A MUST ! – Do not intellectualise it > just get into making the pictures.
  • Picbod image could take on another form as there are a lot of different things going on with the images.
  • You think you know what something is but you are fooled by the view point. > The overlapping, the object.



  • A polaroid is disposable and thus this adds another layer of meaning upon the images that are created with them, and it is authentic. > Could be seen as the instant way to produce the kinky imagery that gets quietly tucked away in a draw only to be discovered in years to come. – AN INTERESTING IDEA. 
  • Contact sheets of raw images are interesting, using a contact image as an image in it’s own right is raw.
  • Adding texture into an image (via the bed sheet pattern) is visually intriguing.
  • OVER ALL – Don’t think about things too much, do what you think is natural >



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