Tutorial Notes – Paul Smith

  • Look at photographer Thomas ruff and his works.
  • Look into Shooting some locations that are used within porn cites, as there would be some interesting stories behind the place that you’re shooting. – Build up a multi sensory story line that captivates the viewer.
  • Think about how I could create an interesting interaction between the viewer, the imagery and the photographer – Produce an app on an ipad that when touched it reveled its self, and when  let go and it went away. 
  • Think about how ur going to create that interaction !! – This is key if  I really want the viewers to be intrigued by the works, and to further question them. 
  • Voyeurism – take more time to consider this aspect of  both pornography  and erotica. – Could be a key aspect. 
  • Sound bites of people talking about the work, scripts of the questions that I am going to produce, these will enable me to build up the layering of the multi sensual story line. 
  • Can you put across four different gazes framed within four images. Is this possible ? – How would you visualise it.
  • How do people categories pornography or erotic photography ? – This is too broad to even begin to categorise both of them, and would have a viable platform of research to back up the conclusion of the works. 
  • Subtlety is the key to sexually suggestive media, especially when it comes to the imagery that I want to create, maybe even a total absence of explicit material would further the thought processes of the viewers. – Something to consider further. 
  • The work that I am going to create must be believable and producible otherwise the whole project will fall at the first hear-dal. 



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