Tutorial Notes – Jonathan Worth


  • William Gibson – says that the future is here now but just not evenly distributed – do some more research into this person. Very interesting comment!
  • pornography experiments, do some more in-depth research into the tv show that i watched > The Sex Researchers on Channel 4.
  • Amos Taversky and Daniel Khaneman (TED) – behavioural theory > look more deeply at this !! – could be an interesting link to my ideas.
  • Dan Ariely’s (TED) behavioural experiments – Same as above!
  • Different lines, different perspectives, the subject area that I have chosen (pornography V erotica / the definitions) is far to broad and i have not taken into consideration the MANY other aspect of this filed of photography. Some are listed below –
  • art line
  • – religious line
  • – our society right now
  • – our society from the last year
  • – political views
  • – gender views
  • – cultural views
  • – age view
  • – all bounce off each other
  • narrowed down and informed view – produce a proposal pin pointing something that i can accomplish !!  
  • frame the question – make my case social experiment end point has no foundation. show how i can define it.
  • what is my initial question ????
  • pick a social norm page 3 model in the sun !! why is this expectable ? – Would this not be far more easier to un pick and
  • what is the impact / effect !
  • cause – demant the item and the effect – effect is what im interested in
  • bigger issues – must not be ignored !!
  • the question is not valid !!!
  • ask a different question or justify the question
  • can sexually charged images be divided by those that are pornographic or erotic ?

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