Research – Thomas Ruff Photography

Ruff 3

Thomas Ruff is a German photographer that has produced many different pieces of work. He has produced a lot of portrait work along with four other many areas of professional study titled –

  1. Häuser
  2. Stern
  3. Nudes
  4. Zycles and Cassini

Ruff 1

From these four main projects I am particularly interested in Ruff’s Nude works. These works were published with a text by the French author Michel Houellebecq.

Ruff 4

What particularly interests me about this project is that the images are all based on internet pornography.  Ruff would download imagery from the internet and then digitally manipulate the photographs so that the imagery is blurred and out of focus. This is a great way of obscuring the intended impact and viewed information of the photo.

Ruff 2

From my perspective these types of work teeter on the edge of being sexually suggestive imagery or sexually explicit imagery. If they were to be further blurred then I would definitely view them in a suggestive nature rather than an outright explicit nature. However if these images were to be viewed in a gallery set up where they would be in a much large space (as intended) then they would become pixilated and thus harder to pass judgment on. < It is this particular suggestiveness that intrigues me, making me want to explore the nature of sexually suggestive work further.



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