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PETER ACWORTH – the founder of

‘In 1998, Acworth decided to leave the PhD program and move to San Francisco to found Cybernet Entertainment. He began by directing in – and sometimes starring in – his own shoots. As the company grew, he hired a team of passionate directors that shared his vision to help create a network of BDSM and fetish websites sites – While he no longer directs, Acworth still is heavily involved in the development of the sites, and can often be found on set’.

Peter Acworth has always believed that should serve a dual role – as both the highest quality fetish entertainment available, and as a way to demystify the BDSM lifestyle. Under his direction, has become a leading advocate for the rights of models, a leader in on-set safety and an educational resource of the BSDM community.’s Armory headquarters are regularly used for workshops, fundraisers and parties that benefit the BDSM community.

(The above text has been lifted from directly) 

When I first heard of the website I was really intrigued this new wave of open BDSM sexual era, this era has particularly been brought to light through the fastest selling book, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. I find it deeply interesting where this whole pain/pleasure concept has come to fruition within todays society. I also feel that this is in direct correlation with one of the many themes that run through out the pornography industry with regards to censorship.

When researching more about the problems of censorship I happened to come across this lifted from the website,,

“Both arguments for and against censorship have valid points. I see the argument hinging on which is the lesser of two evils. Do we allow potentially objectionable material to flow freely without restriction? Or, do we want to give up such a fundamental right, no matter how ‘morally right’ the exceptions may be?”.

This quote from he website stated above has lead to so many more questions that I need to go and find the answers to. It has however brought the concept of sexually suggestive material to the front of my thoughts. Sexually suggestive material is greatly available in current society, it is on billboards as we walk down the street, on tv commercials selling us products, magazines, books, websites, everywhere it is the world that we live in right now we are surrounded my material loaded with sexually suggestiveness.  < I must refine this idea further through my own photography, reading and research.

Here is something to reverse  most of the information above. What if pornography (sexually explicit  material) is all just an act? BDSM what if it was just screen play and the people who participate in some of the more obscene acts were normal people? What would society think of it then?

Peter Acworth who is the founder of has his own blog where he posted this video –

This has given me further concepts and aspects of my own practice with regards to my final major project that I would like to uncover and research at a greater level of depth.


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