Completed Final Major Project Proposal


Final major Project Proposal

Module 352MC

 Professional Photographic Practice




Amber E Nicholls

(Student Number 3036293)




Coventry University

(Words = 476 excluding title and References)


Self-Defined Proposal with Supporting Research & Development Work

I intend to explore the ways in which the viewer categorises ‘Hard Core’ sexual images against ‘Erotic’ imagery, differentiating between the low end pornography and the more quality inference of erotic photography, by producing a body of work that challenges the viewer’s perspective.


This work will include some sexually explicit or suggestive material and some carefully crafted out of focus photographs, disguising the possible intentions of the image being viewed. The work will look like porn because it’s visual but feel like erotica due to the aspect of suggestibility.


It is the binary constructed by the consumers of pornography and erotica that I am going to challenge throughout this project.


Thomas Ruff produced a collection of imagery titled; “Nudes” which is Internet based pornography. He digitally manipulated them so that they were blurred thereby changing the content and emotional reaction to the photograph.

Ruff 1

Thomas Ruff image – 1

Ruff 3


Thomas Ruff  – Image 2


Erotic Photographer China Hamilton has been the most influential mentor so far. He advised me that,

‘In order to create a good captivating erotic frame, at the heart of it should be a deeply sexual narrative’.

china H 1

China Hamilton – Image 1


china 2

China Hamilton – Image 2

As a result of delving into the world of pornographic/erotic photography through the use of online media, I am an observing member of many chat forums thereby enabling me to learn and observe the modern sexual era.


I have researched interesting and diverse themes, ranging from the BDSM movement through to the increasing amount of self-captured and self-published erotic images hosted on sites such as, ‘pinterest’ and ‘Cliterati. However the central theme within my project is the creation of collaboration between the photographer, the imagery and the viewer, drawing on the censorship aspect of sexually suggestive media.


From the work that I have produced and the research that I have done, my position is clear; I am working towards producing a collection of imagery that interacts with the viewer to create a multi sensory piece. This work will lead the viewer into a voyeuristic sexually suggestive series of works enticing them to question their perception of the image being viewed?


From the research and the work that I have done I intend to further my understanding of erotic photography, pornography and sexually suggestive photography. I shall do this through networking my project (through the use of online media) and making contact with several more professional erotic photographers to arrange meetings with them to discuss this topic in more depth.


Currently I am in the process of finalising the arrangements to meet or have a skype interview with Peter Acworth, the founder of the pornographic site that is based on the shocking side of pornography – BDSM.


Through networking with professionals in both the fields of erotica and pornography I shall have a deeper understanding of the differences that define them with the aim of enabling me to portray this through my own photographic work.


Books –

  • Laura Maulvey’s book, ‘ Visual and Other Pleasures’.
  • Hilary Robinson’s, ‘Feminism-ART-Theory.
  • Kelly Dennis’s ‘Art/Porn (A History Of Seeing And Touching).
  •  Erica Carter’s, ‘Female Sexualization.
  • Cassidy Hughes, ‘Sex In Art’, Pornography and Pleasure In The History Of Art.

Websites –





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