Jon Levy Tutorial Notes – 20/2/13

It was really interesting to talk to Jon Levy about my final major project and my plans for after university. He’s positivity and up beat approach towards my passion for underwater photography, helped me to think more positively that at some point in the future I will be producing these types of underwater emerged work. The main message that I have taken from Levy is that I need to fully emerse my self into the work that i want to produce and to not just skirt around the topic. From this advise I have definitely decided to take on the challenges that I set my self in terms of my own photographic practice, and from now on I shall throw myself into my practice, as this will not only force me to refine my knowledge of both under water and land photography whilst also enabling me to have a deeper understanding of my subject matter.

Here are my notes form the tutorial –

Nature Images/Underwater Images

  • Nature photography is about patience.
  • Pictures don’t have to be there for a specific reason.
  • Emerse you’re self in taking pictures – will lead to you learning the skills.
  • If you enjoy doing something peruse it ! – Doing the challenges you’re self is what is exciting – taking the pictures is what matters.

Erotic pictures

  • emerse you’re self into this type of photography, this way you will learn the tricks of this type of image making and build a faster following through networking with fellow erotic photographers.
  • These type of images are more for personal satisfaction / interest than anything else.
  • Must throw myself into the erotic/porn world of image making, as it is not what it appears to be on the surface.
  • Push the boundaries between erotica and porn in-order to find where the boundaries lie.


  • You are not doing these type of photography (underwater & erotic) unless you’re in the water or the sexual setting.

These were all great words of advise that i am definitely going to adhere to.


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