Ideas for my Final Major Project – So Far …………

  • I want to somehow incorporate the four gazes/looks within my work.
  • Some how I want it to be an interactive piece possibly by using comment box’s, somehow enabling the viewer to control the short film/video/ super 8 or possibly through the use of an interactive ipad, that links with the work they can see in the exhibition.
  • I am also looking at it being 3D.
  • I want it to follow on from my symposium presentation, where I was looking at erotic photography and pornography and what defines the two types of media. Further more I want to produce a final major project that utilises the four gazes within media, as I feel that this links very strongly to defining erotic photography and pornography further.
  • Over all I want the work to make the viewer’s question it’s presence not only within the exhibition space but also in terms of the wider community – should it be kept out of the view of the general public or not?

These are the key aspects that I want to start building my project around. Firstly I am going to interview lecturer Spencer Murphy to understand the four gazes/looks that he introduced me to back when I was doing my Phonar course last year. I am also going to make contact with erotic photographer China Hamilton and the Pornography producer of the online society and website and photographer Greg Lansky .


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