Final Presentation In a Viemo video format

<p><a href=”″>Symposium Presentation 19:2:13</a> from <a href=”″>Amber Nicholls</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here is my final video presentation, incorporating the Raw Format logo at the beginning and end of the end of the presentation. I have also edited in a small selection of photographs of me when i was delivering my presentation to an audience a week ago on the 12th of February 2013.

Over all I am very pleased with how the presentation went even though it was completely un-nerving having 40 or so eyes glaring back at me as I talked about my chosen subject. Although initially I found the research aspect of the symposium very hard over time and with a great deal of reading I did find that I began to filter the information faster and I quickly made conclusions about the chapter or essay that I was reading, as to weather it was relevant to me and the view points that i was looking to back up with other relevant research.

Once I had truly grasped the format and layout with which I wanted to present my main points, the whole presentation then began to come together as I followed this format. I have also found that through doing this research project I have understood key concepts within general media at a greater level, such as Laura Mulvey’s male gaze, the feminists theory of penis envy and Spencer Murphy’s for looks/gazes within media.

Personally it has to be the research aspect of this module that I have found the hardest due to the fact that feminist theory is overly loaded with many opinions from key feminist theorists, and I found myself reading these opinions, then having to form my own opinions based on the theories that I had read.

I am glad for the symposium module to be over as I found it very stressful, however I am equally glad to have gone through the process of the symposium research project as it has not given me a great basis to work from towards my final major project.

Below is the audio of me presenting my presentation last week.




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