A Research Review of the Book, Playboy – Helmut Newton




This book was very useful to me, as it showed me some of Newton’s more risky works. A lot of my imagery for my visual presentation was sourced from this book. The foreword and introduction of the book, were both very insightful too, and helped me to gain a deeper understanding to to this photographers mind set and inspirations to his work.


The BIG little LADY lady chapter of this book was really confusing to view at first due to the fact that there is not text that goes with the images to help the viewer define what is actually going on within the particular frames. However after looking at the images for sometime it because evidently clear that there was some deep shifts with the power dynamics through out the chapter, thus I have used the image below within my presentation so that I can explain further the way in which Newton has cleverly shifted both the power dynmaics and brough to fruition the four gazes.



Again both the image above and below are used within my presentation. I really admire the image above, for it’s cold, calculated feel and the way that its composition makes the viewer feel like you are heavily gazing at this naked woman, due to the fact that the images has clearly been captured through a cars front windscreen. Again it is another image that engages aspects of the four gazes.



The above image is again one of my absolute favourites because there is so much going on within the frame here, again the act of the, ‘male gaze’ is clearly in motion even within the frozen frame we see before us. However due to this male gazing that Newton himself is doing within the shot, its also led to the viewers being forced to look at the image from the perspective of the males gaze as this is easier for the viewer to associate with rather than posing in the nude, in the models situation, thus the model on this occasion has been placed heavily into the position of the viewed object within the frame.


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