A Research Review of the Book, Land of Erotic Photography – Igor Amelkovich


Having spent a great deal of time looking at Igor Amelkovich’s works online and specifically his website, I decide to buy his book, ‘Land of the Erotic Beauty. It is a truly lovely book, where the images defiantly control the viewers and command attention.


Although primarily made up of imagery, a great deal of time can be spent just admiring the craftsmanship of the composition of the images, the lay out of the book and over all the flowing lines cast by the beautified erotic stances.


I really admire the above image as I personally I feel that the erotic frame can not only be viewed from an erotic perspective but also from the view point of the celebration of the female form.


This image plays on the juxtaposition of the females evolution (along with mankind,  in contrast to the continuous evouluton of the industrial world that we find ourselves situated in.


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Filed under 3rd Year, Working with Photography in Context - Symposium

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