A Research Review of the Book, Feminism-ART-Theory – An Anthology > 1968 – 2000


Within this heavily academic book, chapter eight, Body, Sexuality, Image was the chapter that I focused on. Within this chapter I read sub chapter  sub chapter 8.3’s essay by Barbara Rose, ‘Vaginal Iconology’.

The essay, ‘Vaginal Iconology’ was a very interesting read and I found a great deal of useful quotes and general information that would have been brilliant within my symposium, however I decided to limit myself to one quote because I did not want to find myself reciting near enough the whole essay. This particulart quote was taken from professor Linda Nochlin. although it is a large quote that I have lifted from the text I do feel that it helps me to explain further the shift in the power dynamics between males and females who produce works of an erotic nature. The quote is below,

“First she showed a slide of a popular French illustration of a woman, nude except for stockings, boots, and chocker, resting her breasts on a tray of apples; then she projected a photograph of a bearded young man, nude except for sweat socks and loafers holding a tray of bananas under his penis. Instead of the invitation ‘Achetez des pommes’ (buy some apples) inscribed under the maiden, the man advertised ‘Buy some bananas’.”


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