A Research Review of Book, Caught Looking – Feminism, Pornography & Censorship


Although this book was very interesting to read and had many relevant points linking to me project once again it came down to the fact that I had a limited amount of time to actually present everything that I wanted to within my visual presentation and my spoken words.

Below are a few images that I took of the book and some of the pages within the book, to show just how interesting it is.


I found the designers statement about the book helped me to understand some parts of the book that were very odd, in the statement they say, “our challenge was to provide a visual answer to the question, ‘what is pornography’?”.


Within the statement they go on to write, “Most of the images were donated by private collectors, photographers, models and artists”.


This next quote which again I have sourced from the opening statement of the book really made me question what this book is actually about, “ultimately, like all consumers of pornography, we chose those images we found erotically powerful, the pictures that turned us on”. This quote really did make me think, and the conclusion about this book that I have drawn from my experience eof reading it, looking at it and from this quote is that it is a book produced was produced by people that liked the shock factor of producing a book that does not shy away from heavily explicit sexual images, but in a sly way celebrate the explicit imagery. However by placing text surrounding the images, a text that is not all feminist based but also text that further celebrates sexuality, is a confusing heady mixture.


Having read this book I have decided to not place any quotes from it into my presentation, or any images from the book as I feel that the nature of this book, the positive words about pornography and sexual pleasure contrasted with the negative pro feminism and censor ship will cause me to contradict my self heavily, and this is something that I really don’t want to do.



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