FotoComputer – Italian Magazine That Published an Article About Igor Amelkovich’s Work

In the summer of 2004 Igor Amelkovich had another interview  for FotoComputer.

Below are the quotes and notes from the interview that I have interest in –

  • When  asked the question, how did you begin to approach photography, Igro replied, “I’ve realised I need to express the ideas I have in my mind. And I wanted to leave them after me for next generations”.
  • What is photography for you? What does it mean, “The photography for me is a way to let people feel body shape emotions and beauty. Everyone perceives it his own way. One photo may look different because tastes differ and constantly change”.  This is a brilliant quote as it explains further the reasoning behind the images that Igor produces, and specifically the response to the human body that he would like to achieve from the spectators through his imagery. 
  • Which kind of research or themes are in your pics? “Since I’ve been in photography my favourite styles are landscape and nudes. They both attract me equally. Their mix reflects in photos you can see on my website”.

The rest of the article is about what cameras Amelkovich uses, the relationship that he has with the digital photography technology, and his relationship with photoshop.

Here you can read the article via Igor Amelkovich’s website –


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