Biz Magazine Article about Igor Amelkovich

Igor Amelkovich had an artile published in the Biz magazine, which is a Turkish photo magazine. It was published with an interview where I have lifted some of the infromation and generated my notes –

  • When asked what is his most marked characteristic  Igor responded, “Before I do something I debate a matter in my mind, think about after-effects and try to take a long view”. From my perspective this response from Amelkovich relates strongly to his work as he’s imagery as they are very well composed and the thought process that goes into creating them is evident within the work. 
  • When asked what his favourite names are he replied, “Speaking about photographers, it’s Helmut Newton, Howard Schatz, Alexander Rodchenko, Leni Riefenstahl and some others”. Again I find it intriguing that Igor replied specifically with Helmut Newton’s name and a few others.

The article can be found on Igor Amelkovich’s website –


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