A Research Review of the Book, The New Erotic Photography 2

This was one of the very first books that I brought to help me gather my flow with looking at and analysing erotic photography. At first when I started to look through the imagery, again I found myself questioning  the boundaries between erotic photography and pornography, due to the fact that both types of photography are so close in terms of similarities within the content and often the composition of the works. However, I still maintain that pornography is created purely for the purpose of consumerism within the imagery where as erotic photography holds aspects of titillation and requires the viewer to use their imagination to gain arousal from the imagery.


The image above is the book it’s self.



Frederic Fontenoy – “I always created erotic work, since I started taking pictures; first more intimate, then evolving into a more conceptual work, a photographic fiction, referring to our collective unconscious. The mindset of my photography is erotic, but a photo itself doesn’t have to arouse lust”.


The image above of a double page spread is again Frederic Fontenoy’s photographs.

James Fredlund – “My goal is to create an artistic celebration of the female form”. “I believe the purpose of an erotic photo is to instill lust and desire.It should spark the imagination, and whet the appetite, but this is not dirty or frightening”.

IMG_1872D. Keith Furon – “Putting a label on art is dangerous because it becomes more about what a person decides to label it. ‘Erotic’ can range from a sensual nude to an image that expresses sexual – or even pornographic – messages. Even a leaf, when shot right, can be as erotic as any image”.



The above image is a closer picture of the double page spread image below.



Yossi Loloi – “When I take  my pictures I never think about if I will arouse anybody. I’ve heard of a person that gets aroused watching a woman eat Gummy Bears, so I guess there are no rules”.”The biggest obstacle in showing my project, sadly, is how people in the art world concentrate just on why the models are fat, and not on the concept behind my photographs”.



Aeric Meredith – Goujon – “According to one of my grad school professors, I’ve always been taking erotic photographs – but I didn’t start doing it consciously until I was working on my MFA”.”If it deals in any way with the sexual aspects of life, ‘erotic’ seems an appropriate label”. ”



The above image is a picture of Goujon’s quote in the book, “I find the visual experience of sex profoundly beautiful, and the fragility of those mental images equally so”.

IMG_1885Paul Dominique Angier – “My work is fetish photography, with a little voyeurism thrown in. I like to think that my photogrpahs have a certain pin-up feeling, much filtered through a contemporary sence of aesthetics. I like my pictures to offer more of a promise than an explicit image, but lust is a must!”.

The quote with in the image of the book above is, “I’m playing the double life game with my erotic photography. I keep both my personalities apart, although I think this is about to change in 2012”.

IMG_1902This photo is of the back of the book, the quote states, “The ultimate collection of contemporary erotic photography”.

Although I find this book very interesting and it has been good to broaden my mind with other erotic photographers other than Helmut Newton and Igor Amelkovich, I still feel that my research project will have a greater impact if I was to use just these two photographers, as their works hold similarities to each other and yet also vastly different intentions with their images.

I decide to pick the above six photographers from the book, because their work appealed to me from a purely composition based point of view, as I could see how each individuals work could have helped me to back up my opinions about erotic photography.


Photographer Frederic Fontenoy (mentioned above) imagery really did grab my attention as It is evident that the four gazes run throughout his works. I feel that the ‘male gaze’ is particularly  present through out his work, where he’s composition pays great interest in the objectification of the female form, one fine example is of a woman kneeling on a foot stall, bent over, resting her elbows on the floor, sha has a chest board resting on her butt. That is not the only interesting motion in play within the image, because in the bottom left hand corner there are two stick men simulating sexual intercourse, further more the use of a mirror reflecting the chest board on the womans be-hind all points to the male gaze, and the over sexualised four looks.  < This I have found greatly interesting!







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