A Helping Hand From MALS Writing Centre

Before I started to write up my words for the symposium I decided to do some research into the various different ways of writing up my document, and how exactly to gather all of my research into a good format and order so that it all runs smoothly from each point that I make leading up to my final conclusion.

Having decided to research into this I found this website below –


From the website I then decided to follow the four charecteristics of an excellent research paper –

  1. Topic
  2. Research
  3. Writing
  4. Documentation

Although I am going to be following this set up I am also going to add  – 5.conclusion so that the document will finish up nicely and clearly has a well thought out structure. The set up that I am going to use to construct my written presentation are as follows –

  • Intro to the research project.
  • a brief look at the differences between pornography and erotic photography.
  • Photographer Helmut Newton.
  • The feminists movement and its impact.
  •  Photographer Igor Amelkovich
  • My conclusions drawn from the research I have done.

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