Exhibition dialog From The Weserburg Museum – Helmut Newton > 2008/2009

Helmy 43

Lifted text from the dialog –

  • “Bulshit! I love the girls, This is all a feminist misunderstanding”. – This is Newton’s response to Alice Schwarzer editor in chief of EMMA magazine. She accused him and his works of being sexist and even racist. 
  • “His meticulously staged photographs with their consciously displayed sexuality had always provoked society”.
  • his works, “evoked a new image of woman, and for this reason made him into the most famous and most well paid photographer of the twentieth century”.
  • Newton used the fashion industry as a stage,”with his staged photographs, Newton put the self-confident sexuality of women in the picture in a revolutionary way”.

A great quote from Carsten Ahrens, director of the Weserburg museum states, “The women in these photographers never appear as the object of male power but as masters of their own sexuality”. This quote really grabbed my attention due to the fact that through being  photographed the woman is automatically being objectified due to the fact that they were the subject within the frame, not to mention the further objectifying layers that the male audience will place upon the image via the male gaze, which imbeds the lust over the female.

  • “Despite all the hostility directed at him from clerics and the middle – class as well as from important feminists, he evoked a new image of women that is charecterised by an emancipated self-confidence”.

All of the above quotes and notes are useful for the lead up to my research project. Again i have gained another perspective on Helmut Newton as a person and an erotic photographer.

Here is a link to the Weserburg Museum, where I found the dialog – http://www.weserburg.de/index.php?id=73&L=1


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