Symposium Poster














As the symposium is looming, we decided as a group to make our own posters for the symposium and then to pick the posters we all collectively like.

Below shows my thought process.





SI 1



Firstly I decided that the Coventry University phenix logo and the CU PHOTOGRAPHY title would help to show that the symposium is a part of our university course and is therby still linked to the symposium presentations that we will be giving on the day. The above image is a screen shot of the Coventry University Photography blog page.

SI 2



This image shows how I cropped the screen show showing in image 1 down to this second stage.

SI 3




Above shows the final cropped logo that I have uses on my final poster.
Raw format sticker



The RAW FORMAT logo that I have resized and placed in the right hand corner of my poster. sean carrols RAWFMT post pic



After deliberating as to use Sean Carroll’s image, my final decision was swayed to use it as the Facebook page currently uses Seans image as the cover photo and I think that it works very well. Having thought about how I could edit the image to make it more intriguing I decided to edit out his father so that the image was left with the shadow cast from him. Personally I think that it’s left the photograph eeriness, leading to an interesting composition.
SI 10



The finished image. Personally I think that it’s left the photograph eeriness, leading to an interesting composition.


The finished poster. Tee only aspects of the poster that I have not run through are the added texts but that mainly just the necessary information.


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One response to “Symposium Poster

  1. M. Mileva

    Like the interesting cut of the picture. Think the info letters on the right need some more “air” from the picture edge. Well done!

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