Project pitch – A personal discovery of a lost family ripped apart at the seams by a business that’s gradually corroding.

The displacement of a fathers family due to human greed, Victorianism & beginning life in poverty juxtaposed to a mothers continuously loving family.

After years of barely speaking the Nicholls elders uncover truth as to what really happened…..

Pitch – as an 8 year old I was very nieave to the issues that surrounded my dads side of the family, I remember barely seeing them even though they lived 15 mins away, compared to my mothers family living an hour or so away in Essex.

As I grew up I never really understood the gratification of the cement that holds families together, the emotional, loving bonds between the elders of a family to the second, third and further generations that carry the families name through history. …..

This is the break in my memory, a glitch in a timeline that to me was severed at a young age all due to the greed & victorinism of a father that created a business for his own ego.


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