#phonar Talk From #BrianPalmer

  1. O_Sharpe
    #phonar talk. Brian Palmer. 2002 left CNN to do his own reporting. difficult transition technologically with move to digital photog.
  2. Amberinio
    Selling nothing – was one of the lowest moments of my life but an epiphany at the same time. #phonar
  3. Amberinio
    More about miss communication than anything else – photographing in Iraq. 3 trips and personal savings, bullet proof vest. #phonar
  4. Amberinio
    decided to shoot more video so that he could capture more of the story, in greater detail. #phonar
  5. Amberinio
    although money is important selling the rights, the independence of the work he had produced for a cash injection – is this right? #phonar
  6. DaisyWareJarret
    I have a responsibility to tell the story as well as I can. But I’m not perfect. #Phonar #Iraq #BrianPalmer
  7. RRAlexi
    #phonar Following the American story line. Good guys vs Bad guys. Im more about the people. Brian Palmer
  8. Amberinio
    im going to think about my so called subject and make them more than just a subject #phonar
  9. DaisyWareJarret
    useful = conscious of the needs of the people i’m writing about. These are people that are more than consumers #BrianPalmer #Phonar
  10. Amberinio
    Racially coded work, the grass routes were where the change happened. #phonar #BrainPalmer
  11. Amberinio
    Its difficult as a journalist to look into history. #phonar
  12. O_Sharpe
    #phonar talk. Brian Palmer. willingness to hear your subject, let them collaborate
  13. Amberinio
    family history, interesting how #BrianPalmer has looked back through his history as am I for my #phonar final project.
  14. mimchs
    It’s about letting people tell you their own stories. #phonar
  15. Amberinio
    i dont just want to find out who this guy was I want to write them back into history. #BrianPalmer #phonar

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