#phonar Talk By Robbie Cooper – Storifyed Notes

  1. Amberinio
    In order to survive I was getting on planes and doing the next job and then the next job to keep the money rollin in. #phonar #RobbieCooper
  2. Amberinio
    divorced and yet keeping in contact via a video game with his children a friend of #RobbieCooper, #Phonar
  3. Jonathan_Worth
    Things moving fast and furious as always – ROBBIE COOPER (@bitmechanic) is in the #phonar house!! #Immersion
  4. Amberinio
    #RobbieCooper within two weeks playstation agreed to give me 30 grand to do the project! shows that if you don’t ask you don’t get! #Phonar
  5. Amberinio
    The experience of a project starting to widen is the interesting part ! #Phonar #RobbieCooper
  6. Amberinio
    military has taken the virtual world as part of its training and rehabilitation, help soldiers learn there field and heal mentally #Phonar
  7. Amberinio
    Everyone is on a computer, yet it’s often a hidden thing now that many of the interned cafe’s have gone. #Phonar #RobbieCooper
  8. Jonathan_Worth
    ‘Average time spent staring at a screen in the US – 8hrs – much more than looking at faces’ Robbie Cooper (@bitmechanic) #phonar
  9. Amberinio
    campaigns are people opposing there views on other people You have to show the light and the dark the good and the bad of a project #Phonar
  10. Jonathan_Worth
    Robbie Cooper taking us across the full gamut of emotions today – we are now watching wallpaper.com/video/art/imm…#phonar dares you to watch too
  11. Jonathan_Worth
    “I think this will turn into a hybrid of photography and video games” Robbie Cooper (@bitmechanic) on the future of #photography

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