#phonar Talk By David Campbell – Storifyed Notes

  1. Amberinio
    #phonar listening to David Campbell ! Ways to think about narrative.
  2. Amberinio
    #phonar what effect does the ‘image’ have on the world – made me think back to 9/11, and the many personal stories that came from it.
  3. Amberinio
    #phonar develop an understanding, and the ways in which images can create a wider narrative.
  4. Amberinio
    the relationship between the idea of the story and the event forms a mediation. #phonar
  5. Seancarroll7789
    #phonar @davidc7 The nature of reality and the nature of truth. Something becomes to be understood as an event when it’s narrated
  6. Amberinio
    #phonar – narrative operates at a load of different levels.
  7. mimchs
    You have to have collaboration between evidences #phonar
  8. Amberinio
    #phonar the process of the construction of a narrative is only a depiction of a selected, ‘edited’ version of the creators story.
  9. Amberinio
    #phonar the power of narrative is imaginative, the idea of desire, we desire stories that offer the viewer a beginning, middle and end.
  10. Amberinio
    #phonar story telling is directly connected to the context that the narrative consists of. – an interesting concept to think about more!
  11. Kye_Tidman
    #phonar news happens in the day and reported a desecrate event with little pre-story ( lack of linking to the context)
  12. Jonathan_Worth
    David Campbell (@davidc7) for #phonar : most narratives are linear..all have a sense of time
  13. Amberinio
    #phonar all narratives have a sense of time,space,drama,moments of personification, is a identification of the characters.
  14. Amberinio
    #phonar trying to put a face on the issue – relationship between individuals and the issue. = a particular narrative.
  15. Amberinio
    #phonar aspects of narrative – expression, things are revealed, conflict, climax, resolution all aspects within narrative.
  16. Amberinio
    #phonar it is not only the way that they are produced but the way that they are circulated to the rest of the world.
  17. Amberinio
    #phonar, reading leads to further research about narratives.
  18. Amberinio
    #phonar think about the story and then the dimensions that surround it to help break it down.
  19. Amberinio
    #phonar significant picture from the vietnam war, icons in the war – people say that it led to the end of the war ! – I need to see this pic
  20. O_Sharpe
    #phonar. the 6 p’s seem relevant here: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance @davidc7

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