#Phonar Lecture By Mark McGuire – Storifyed Notes

  1. Amberinio
    Current lecture for #phonar from Mark McGuire talking about push, pull, share – interesting stuff.
  2. Amberinio
    #Phonar a digital artefact has no reliable, traceable past compared to an analog artefact which has a past….. A history.
  3. Amberinio
    #Phonar “it’s not where you take things from- it’s where you take them to”.
  4. Amberinio
    #Phonar a lot can be told through an image, in contrast to words.
  5. Amberinio
    #Phonar collaboration is an amazing thing ! The Internet has aided collaboration on a broader scale. – so interesting and so true!!
  6. Amberinio
    #Phonar paying for the form (of the experience), not for the content.
  7. Amberinio
    The notion of connectedness “nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known”. – food for thought
  8. Amberinio
    @Amberinio: The most useful resources are conversational, contextualised, curated and connected. #Phonar
  9. Amberinio
    The invisibility of technologies- live in and conditioned by the technology that surrounds us ! #Phonar
  10. Amberinio
    INNOVATION is about exceeding current expectations through the application of NEW TECHNOLOGIES !

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