Foto8 Founder Jon Levy Talking to #phonar

  1. Amberinio
    #phonar find a publisher who’s prepared to put some money behind it, shows there interested.
  2. Amberinio
    #phonar its not a photo book its a book about the story behind the photos, its just a book about the afghan heroin trade.
  3. Amberinio
    #phonar using pictures to tell the story not to admire the pictures them self !
  4. Amberinio
    #phonar I want to get the facts across and tell the story, a set of pictures that have an in built aesthetics. – ceases to be documentary.
  5. hlnbck
    ‘Poppy’ is not about the language of the photography, it’sabout the narrative. The photos are tools to tell the story.#Phonar
  6. riajoynes
    It’s the story that is most important – the pictures just help to construct the dialogue #phonar
  7. DaisyWareJarret
    It’s using picture to tell the story, not for you to admire the beauty of the picturess. Jon Levy on Poppy @foto8 #phonar
  8. GeneaBailey
    it’s not a photobook, it’s a book about the subject matter. the Afghan heroin trade #phonar #foto8
  9. Amberinio
    #phonar you go with the flow and let the story tell you what its about !
  10. Amberinio
    #phonar #JonLevy the whole thing was a collecting process. Its about collecting the raw material.
  11. Kye_Tidman
    #phonar the book is the solution to the work rather than the intention
  12. DaisyWareJarret
    the whole thing was a collecting process, and expedition if you like. Over 20 years. The book was the solution rather than the goal. #phonar
  13. hlnbck
    Go with the flow and the story will develop naturally. #Phonar
  14. Amberinio
    #phonar things develop naturally reinventing the project is a threat against the fundamentals of the project that already exists
  15. GeneaBailey
    you cannot go into the future with the intent of reinventing the past. photography isn’t broken. #phonar @foto8
  16. JackSomerset
    #phonar photography has to move on. Although there is nothing broken about the language of photography.
  17. jsutton19
    #phonar @foto8 ‘Are you trying to impress me? If you have to try, you won’t’. Jon Levy on…
  18. DaisyWareJarret
    Raw nature of telling stories, not trying to impress you, just taking you on their trail. Which is hugely illuminating. @foto8 #phonar
  19. hazel3991
    #phonar the book was a solution to all the things they had wasn’t there goal at the start
  20. DaisyWareJarret
    the only things you need are a notepad your camera and an inquisitive mind. @foto8 Jon Levy for #phonar on documentary photography
  21. Amberinio
    #phonar #JonLevy listening o radio reports was almost like conjuring up photo reports in ones mind.
  22. Amberinio
    #phonar how you choose to deliver you’re work are little ingredients to lead people down the path underpinned with facts.
  23. riajoynes
    Poppy is a project housed the dark side of globalisation #phonar
  24. GeneaBailey
    simon norfolk uses beauty to seduce people into the story then counters it with politics and a sense of anger – Jon Levy #phonar
  25. Amberinio
    #phonar this is what he would do to react to what was around him you have got to love the story you are doing or hate the subject matter !
  26. Amberinio
    #phonar true form life, on that level you, get all of the raw emotion, find the things that you are really drawn too !!
  27. Amberinio
    #phonar does this tell the story show it to people who have nothing to do with photography-see if the story gets across.
  28. DaisyWareJarret
    I would encourage people to find the things they are drawn to and be undemanding of what other people will give you. @foto8 #phonar
  29. Amberinio
    #phonar dont look at the things people are telling you are great, look at the stories that you think are great
  30. Amberinio
    #phonar the most fundamental thing to you is what storeys do you want to tell, and then use the ingredients to help you portray the story.
  31. riajoynes
    The challenge is how you put it all together. Pick your medium once you have developed your story, it will help decide on the format #phonar
  32. DaisyWareJarret
    start with the story, then add the ingredients because the story asked for it not because you want it to be transmedia. #phonar @photo8
  33. Kye_Tidman
    #phonar dont look at things people tell you its great. find it great because it relates or informs you.
  34. Amberinio
    #phonar pitch professional-how do you contain the enthusiasm? be slightly detached-you cannot explain to them-the art of understatement
  35. Amberinio
    #phonar pitching to people – possibility to continue and do more!
  36. Jonathan_Worth
    “Use the [book] medium for what its best at ..enabling you to spend time with it” Jon Levy #phonar
  37. mimchs
    “Trust in your story. If it’s a good story – they will get it” @foto8, #phonar

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