Erotic Photographers Research – Feliz Paloma

I first heard of Feliz Paloma’s photographic works from a fellow photography student. It was only after spending a good hour or two looking through his website that I discovered the sophisticated erotic photography that Feliz creates.

On Feiz website he states,” Photography of the naked body can be pornographic. It can also be artful, celebratory, and reverential. I begin with a straightforward, primal appreciation of the human body, and add layers of light, geometry, and personality”. To me these first couple of sentences truly state the nature of his photographic practice, the greatly considered composition, the tonal balances within the images along with the ever so controlled lighting.

Here Is another great snippet of information taken from his website,“I hope to not only glorify the body, but also the complex dance of personality, time, place, mood, light. I work in spontaneity and improvisation, with an openness to possibilities, and the collaborative pursuit of vision”. From this quote it is clear to see how all of the aspects that Feliz states above have affected the final ‘edited’ frame of an image. It’s interesting from my angle as a student on a pursuit to complete a research project answering my own questions surrounding erotic photography and the ‘power relationships’ and the power relationships that are forever in play.

I have taken this quote from the website too as I feel that it sum’s up the reason that erotic photographers often capture these type of images, “I believe the human body is among the most beautiful ‘things’ on earth”.

Here is another great quote from Feliz,“From a purely geometric point of view, the body, especially the female body, has deep primal roots in our being, as the creator of life”.

This next quote is the best quote I have found so far from Feliz that in my opinion sums up his photogrpahic practice,“Our culture has repressed this, fearful of the awesome power of the feminine. But that power cannot be denied, and so we have bad pornography and misogyny running rampant. Can we not celebrate the glory our bodies – of sex and eroticism even – without losing grasp of our humble awe and heartfelt appreciation?” To me this statement truly defines the outlines of erotic photography, the shock factor and many different power relationships that are frequently evident within the frame work of this type of photography. 

Over all I feel that these five quotes (taken from Feliz website) describe not only Feliz Paloma’s erotic works but also the wider subject matter of erotic photography, it is definitely one of the most interesting subject matters to be researching in-depth.

Below is a slideshow of some of Feliz Paloma’s works :-


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