Erotic Photographers Research – Igor Amerlkovich

Whilst researching for erotic photographers online and via the university library I came across photographer Igor Amerlkovich who resides in the city of Chelyabinsk, southern Ural mountains in Russia. He  studied radio engineering at the South-Ural State University.

His work is film-based and uses20 Hasselblad 503CW and two lenses, Planar 80/2,8 and Sonnar 150/4.

He uses digital processing, using it only to retouch dust and scratches. Artistically, he maintains two interests: landscape photography and the nude.

Igor states on his website,”For me a woman is nature’s concentrated form of beauty. I like to photograph a self-assured subject, ones who’s comfortable sharing her beauty”. For me it’s this statement from Igor that really explains his works of the female form. I admire how he captures women in such a powerful way, even when they are being portrayed to have lost there personal power through being photographed tied up, gagged or being the centre of viewers sexual desires.

His works have won numerous awards both in regional and international exhibitions.

Bellow is a link to Igor Amerlkovich’s website for people to look through at there own leisure. Enjoy.


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